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HAUTEBUTCH defines the butch aesthetic and lifestyle. Fashion is but one realm where masculine identified women

choose from the myriad ways in which they express themselves externally. Each day, we are presented with a powerful opportunity to define ourselves on our own terms by being true to ourselves, based on our choice of clothing. We celebrate visibility and truth.

HAUTEBUTCH is a design driven brand established to inspire and empower a community by pushing the gender bending boundaries that define style and fit for butch,stud,boi and tomboi style seekers. The HAUTEBUTCH Collection is created for women that choose to wear fitted menswear inspired fashion and footwear, whether on the street, in the board room or on the dance floor.

HAUTEBUTCH is the brainchild of company co-founder, director, designer and entrepreneur, K.Michelle, a self identified butch woman. K.Michelle endeavors to accentuate and elevate the entire spectrum of masculine-presenting individuals of all colors, shapes and sizes with their very own collection of fierce and visible fashions.

Embrace the brand that embraces you.... HAUTEBUTCH